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About US

DFK Lifts, Escalators & Steel Works LTD is a Lift installation company that provides Lift Engineers for lift installation and refurbishment projects for various lift companies.As a company, we believe that our customers are the heart of our business. Thus their satisfaction and well being is paramount to us. Our aim is to build strong, enduring links with our clients to the benefit of all.

Quality Statement

As a company, we believe that our customers are the heart of our business. Thus their satisfaction and well being is paramount to us. Our aim is to build strong, enduring links with our clients to the benefit of all.

Our Quality Goals

  1. To deliver our clients the standards of quality specified in the contract within the budget.
  2. To create and maintain a culture of quality assurance and that this training is on going at all levels.
  3. To meet all legal requirements
  4. To provide the resources necessary to achieve the require level of quality
  5. To ensure that quality control mechanisms are being sufficiently and effectively applied at all times.
  6. To ensure that all consultants, suppliers, sub-contractors and others who are involved in our projects meet the required quality standards.
  7. To continually review, improve and implement quality control and best practice procedures.
  8. To seek feedback from our clients and consultants as to the level of quality delivered.

Our Mega Project

DFK Lifts will complete all the 52 lifts in this building.

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Mega Project

One of Europe's highest and iconic building.
London's second tallest building after the Shard.
DFK Lifts will complete all the 52 lifts in this building.
22 Bishopsgate is a planned commercial skyscraper that will occupy a prominent site on Bishopsgate, City of London financial district. The building is a 62 storeys and it will stand 278 m (912 ft.) tall.

This lift installation project involves installation of 52 lifts on the proposed building site:
  1. 8 Low Rise (Double deck)
  2. 8 Mid Rise (Double deck)
  3. 8 High Rise (Double deck)
  4. 3 Jump lift (Goods lift, High rise)
  5. 1 VGPF Fire fight (Double deck, High rise)
  6. 1 VGP (Double deck, High rise)
  7. 2 Vehicle lift (Hydraulic 26,000 capacity)
  8. 3 Passenger Lifts (Single deck)
  9. 3 Mezzanine Access lift (Single deck)
  10. 1 Disable Cycle Lift (Single deck)
  11. 2 Disable lifts (Single deck)
  12. 9 Passenger Lifts (Single Deck)
  13. 1 Passenger Scenic lift (Single deck)
  14. 2 Dumbwaiters lift

Other Projects

Jul 2012- Dec-2012NEQFinished
Aug 2012- Mar 2013CHISWICK PARK B6Finished
April 2013- Feb 2014240 BLACKFRIARS RDFinished
Mar 2013 - Dec 2013W4 REGENTS STREETFinished
Aug 2013 - Mar 20148-10 MOORGATEFinished
Aug 2013- Feb 2014BSKYBFinished
Jul-13TATE MODERNFinished
Feb 2014 – May 2014HORSEFERRY RDFinished
Feb 2014- May 2014LOVE LAMBETHFinished
Feb-14CHISWICK PARK B7Finished
May-14MARK LANEFinished
Sep-14Ibis HotelFinished
Sep-14Hagger stone Phase 2Finished
Sep-14City gatesFinished
Sep-14Chelsea CreekFinished
Oct-14Michal KorsFinished
Nov-15Colindale StationFinished
February – 15Hilton Double Tree hotelFinished
Oct-15Kings Cross TripletFinished
Apr-15Chiswick GateFinished
OngoingEnderby WharfOngoing
OngoingCapital TowerOngoing
OngoingCanon WharfOngoing
OngoingBuckingham GreenOngoing
OngoingCenter PointOngoing
OngoingManhatton GardensOngoing
OngoingGoldman Sach ProjectOngoing
OngoingMP2- Elephant CastleOngoing
OngoingRathbone SquareOngoing
2007New Street SquareCompletion of 9 lifts
2008101 Bishopsgate ( Broadgate Tower)Completion of 10 double decker lifts
200830 CROWN PLACECompletion of 2 Scenic Lifts
2009WATERMARK PLACECompletion of 8 lifts
May 2010 – Jan 2012CANNON STREETCompletion of 6 scenic lifts
Jul 2009- Apr 2010ONE NEW CHANGECompletion of 26 lifts
Jun 2012- Feb 2013THE SHARDSnagging Items – Daywork
Oct 2011 – Jul 2012UXBRIDGECompletion of 6 lifts
Sep 2011- May 2012VICTORIA STREETCompletion of 4 lifts
May 2013 - Oct 201320 FENCHURCH STSnagging items-Daywork/Nightshift
Mar 2013- Feb 2014CANARY WHARF BP4Completion of 2 FFL Lifts Highrise- Daywork
Sep-13122 LEADENHALL STCompletion of 8 lifts – Daywork/ Nightshift/ Weekend
Apr-145 BROADGATECompletion of 16 lifts- Daywork/ Nightshift/ Weekend
May-14WESTFIELDCompletion of 3 Lifts- Daywork/Nighshift/ Price
April-2015 - December 2016Nova VictoriaOngoing Completion of 20 Lifts
Jul 2012 - Dec 2012VALENTINES PLACEFinished
Oct 2012- Jul 2013WOODBRIDGE HOUSEFinished
Nov 2012- Mar 2013TATE BRITAINFinished
Feb 2013FRANCIS CRICKFinished
Sep 2013- Dec 2013HOLBORN VIADUCTFinished
Mar 2013- Nov 2013CENTURION HOUSEFinished
Jun 2013- Nov 2013ZENITH HOUSEFinished
Mar 2013- May 2013CHESTER BALMOREFinished
Sep 2013- Nov 2013MARBLE ARCHFinished
Jun 2013- Oct 2013KINGS COLLEGE HOSPITALFinished
Jul 2013KINGS CROSS B2Finished
Nov 2013KINGS CROSS B3Finished
Oct 2013KINGS CROSS B4Finished

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Office Number : 01708 875 120

Contac Us

Contact Us

Please feel free to fill up the form below for any questions. You can also call us on our Office Number : 01708 875 120
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